Definition of quantitative analysis in English:

quantitative analysis


mass noun
  • 1Analysis of a situation or event, especially a financial market, by means of complex mathematical and statistical modelling.

    ‘I did a lot of quantitative analysis early in my career, translating information into insight’
    • ‘"I learned a tremendous amount from Merrill Lynch about quantitative analysis, which we use in the fund to this day."’
    • ‘Your role will involve monitoring & quantitative analysis of the investments and the development of cross asset allocation strategies.’
    • ‘This role requires hands-on programming and troubleshooting skills, experience with financial data management, coupled with an enthusiasm for learning quantitative analysis.’
    • ‘"Every high-profile election campaign in the modern era relies extensively on scientific surveying and quantitative analysis," he said.’
    • ‘As an economist, he often applies quantitative analysis to public policy dilemmas, which yields data models and quantitative measures of complex issues.’
    • ‘The company's research efforts are focused on IT services offering indigenous quantitative analysis about leading organizations.’
    • ‘This software has been licensed to banks and hedge funds for quantitative analysis and research.’
    • ‘We often hear about the importance of picking a company by means of quantitative analysis, which evaluates balance sheets and numbers.’
    • ‘There are some tables showing trends in bankruptcy over time, but there is not extensive quantitative analysis.’
    • ‘Economists will be disappointed by the absence of quantitative analysis.’
  • 2Chemistry
    Measurement of the quantities of particular constituents present in a substance.

    • ‘Although we have not performed any quantitative analysis, the number of cells in icu2 and hst - 5 mutants may also be lower than in the wild type.’
    • ‘Molecular weight measurements are now routinely utilized in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of macromolecules.’
    • ‘The quantitative analysis, however, reveals differences in the photocycle kinetics compared to the protein in solution.’
    • ‘The key to quantitative analysis of the composition of salt solutions is the solubility product of the salt, K sp.’
    • ‘Even though quantitative analysis is less subjective than qualitative analysis, interpretation and bias are by no means eliminated.’
    • ‘Our study is the country's first quantitative analysis of soil diversity.’
    • ‘Most chemists were not concerned with this detail because during the first half of the eighteenth century chemistry was not concerned with quantitative analysis.’
    • ‘Variation in individual samples is high, and quantitative analysis of amino acids from fossils of this age has no value for taxonomy.’
    • ‘The two fundamental variables for any quantitative analysis of morphogenesis are the surface curvature and the surface strain rates.’
    • ‘The correction for dead-time effects is necessary for an exact and quantitative analysis of titration and dilution experiments.’
    • ‘Effective risk management, however, also uses tools, such as Stress Testing, that incorporate qualitative as well as quantitative analysis.’