Definition of quantify in English:


verbquantifies, quantified, quantifying

[with object]
  • 1Express or measure the quantity of.

    ‘it is impossible to quantify the extent of the black economy’
    • ‘The fitness component of phage growth rate was measured to quantify this phenomenon.’
    • ‘Fluorescence was quantified in terms of average pixel intensity.’
    • ‘At present we are still quantifying our position but under the terms of our fraud insurance policy are hereby advising you of a potential claim.’
    • ‘The UN's project assumes that a price can be put on the environment and that life can be quantified and measured.’
    • ‘Some very smart people have worked on ways to get around these problems or at least to quantify them carefully.’
    • ‘This activation can be quantified by measurement of plasma levels of soluble markers.’
    • ‘These measures enabled researchers to quantify each individual act of violence in each film.’
    • ‘Surface exposure is often quantified using a measure of accessibility of a residue side chain to a solvent molecule.’
    • ‘This will enable us to determine whether our reuse/recycling business processes can be quantified in monetary terms.’
    • ‘Vega, our fourth and final risk measure, quantifies risk exposure to implied volatility changes.’
    • ‘IMG said it wasn't possible to quantify the extent of the damage for this year but it said it expected to still to be profitable and generate cash.’
    • ‘And while it is easy to quantify the cost so far, it is much harder to work out how big an impact it will have in future.’
    • ‘Further study should not only continue to highlight but also quantify the cost to society of this.’
    • ‘On investigation, it turns out that those are the only two targets that are actually quantified and measurable.’
    • ‘It is impossible to quantify the number of people involved.’
    • ‘Throughout the whole study, seed desiccation tolerance was quantified both in terms of water content and water activity.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, they come up short in providing a tangible value proposition that quantifies what the product actually means to a business.’
    • ‘Social capital is also appropriate because it can be measured and quantified.’
    • ‘Can we really quantify costs in such a rigorous way, for the world as a whole and for a century or more hence?’
    • ‘In reality, this argument needs to be taken one step even further, so that some ‘real’ measure of function is quantified.’
    quantification, quantifying, computation, calculation, mensuration
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  • 2Logic
    Define the application of (a term or proposition) by the use of all, some, etc., e.g. ‘for all x if x is A then x is B’.

    • ‘A statement that quantifies a variable need not necessarily give the set from which the variable is to be taken.’
    • ‘Another variable related to set names or actions is whether the number quantifying a set precedes or follows it.’
    fixed, settled, specified, quantified, established, defined, explicit, known, determined, definitive, conclusive, express, precise, final, ultimate, absolute, categorical, positive, definite
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Mid 16th century: from medieval Latin quantificare, from Latin quantus ‘how much’.