Definition of quantification in English:



mass noun
  • The expression or measurement of the quantity of something.

    ‘the quantification of damages is difficult’
    count noun ‘quantifications were performed to obtain mean values’
    • ‘The aim of the thesis is to produce quantifications of the behaviour of the models.’
    • ‘This allows the quantification of initial damage.’
    • ‘Enough familiarity with quantification theory is assumed to handle the very elementary quantificational concepts involved.’
    • ‘However, a precise quantification cannot be made because of the small size of the bands and the level of baseline noise.’
    • ‘The ambiguity can be resolved by quantification of the noun: He bought several premises, a number of premises, three new premises.’
    • ‘There has been no quantification of the specific risks for which pollution prevention is needed.’
    • ‘Quantification procedures are being reconsidered in determining workload, and more creative ways of rewarding faculty for their time and effort are being advanced.’
    • ‘Accurate identification and quantification of these factors will certainly give more credence to results of empirical research.’
    • ‘This is the standard quantification in online learning analysis.’
    • ‘He calls for the quantification of what can reasonably be expected of today's students in three years.’