Definition of quantifiable in English:



  • Able to be expressed or measured as a quantity.

    ‘quantifiable data’
    ‘the benefits are not easily quantifiable’
    • ‘So now you have a quantifiable business impact for lost productivity.’
    • ‘The answer lies in scrutinizing the information that is quantifiable.’
    • ‘He agreed that the patient presented some risk, not readily quantifiable.’
    • ‘By demanding quantifiable results, donors may force programme managers to choose easily achieved targets over less measurable actions that accord with sound humanitarian principles.’
    • ‘Setting quantifiable goals means you can track your progress and generate enthusiasm when you beat the numbers.’
    • ‘These are not easily quantifiable benefits, but they are important and a good commander will work to improve them.’
    • ‘They provide a quantifiable measure of improvement or simplification.’
    • ‘In addition to quantifiable data, the survey seeks qualitative data on faculty perceptions of their institution's administration.’
    • ‘You should see quantifiable, measurable benchmarks of success.’
    • ‘Our research is grounded in quantifiable, objective data of how the brain really works.’