Definition of quandong in English:



  • Either of two Australian trees.

    a small tree of the sandalwood family, which has round red fruit with an edible pulp and kernel (Eucarya acuminata, family Santalaceae).

    (also 'blue quandong') a large tree of the subtropical rainforest, which has blue berries (Elaeocarpus grandis, family Elaeocarpaceae).

    • ‘Camel was on the menu, as well as broadbill, kangaroo tail, emu, crocodile, native leaf salad, quandongs and kakadu plums.’
    • ‘Says Jurgen: ‘Three plants in Central Australia, with an index of seven, are already under pressure because of camels: the quandong, the bean tree and the curly pod wattle.’’
    • ‘Colorful quandongs have a wide variety of edible uses.’
    • ‘The Copley bakery cafe serves the best quandong pies you will ever taste.’
    • ‘The cassowary evolved amid the Wet Tropics, thriving on figs, quandongs, and other distinctive fruits.’


Mid 19th century: from Wiradhuri.