Definition of quality paper in English:

quality paper

(also quality newspaper)


  • A newspaper, typically a broadsheet, that is considered to deal seriously with issues and to have high editorial standards.

    • ‘Much to Bantam's delight, Time magazine ran a large article about Hawking in the month of publication, and favorable reviews began to appear in quality newspapers and magazines across the States.’
    • ‘Among the quality papers, the Guardian's decision to change to Berliner format is paying dividends, with sales rising 7% to 403,297.’
    • ‘But it is strange that even editors of the best quality papers believe they are responding to a kind of thermometer of popular feeling or need, when they downgrade the content or style of their pages.’
    • ‘The only other mainstream British quality newspaper to remain broadsheet is The Guardian.’
    • ‘The Independent is setting the agenda in the British quality newspaper market following the conversion of the newspaper from a broadsheet into a tabloid (compact).’
    • ‘The resulting crisis was the dominant headline in newspapers across Europe, being the focus of attention in quality papers and the tabloid press alike.’
    • ‘Very few people get a full page obituary in the four quality newspapers published daily in England - The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent.’
    • ‘If they cannot survive by just selling a quality newspaper and syndicated news rather than relying on advertising revenue, then maybe there's no room for them.’
    • ‘What is amazing is that there are any quality papers at all, especially given the ever lowering educational standards.’
    • ‘They are also a lot simpler and less time-consuming to invest in and you don't have to read the financial pages of the Sunday quality papers each week to check that your star fund manager hasn't been poached by another company.’
    • ‘The first is informed opinion, represented in the quality newspapers or opinion-forming journals and magazines like The Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Independent, and The Economist.’
    • ‘The Evening Press is a quality newspaper which does a great job of bringing us local and national/international news in a reliable and balanced way.’
    • ‘He does not see any distinction between the yellow boulevard press, and serious and quality newspapers.’
    • ‘In their opinion this is above all the case with the two quality papers, the Guardian and the Independent.’
    • ‘Doubts have been raised in the newspaper industry over whether traditional broadsheet readers will convert in large numbers to a tabloid-sized quality newspaper.’
    • ‘Paul Kelly, one of the senior figures of Australian journalism casts a critical eye over our quality newspapers, including their role in political, public debate.’
    • ‘Emerging from the newspaper world where he had assembled a stable of quality papers for the publishers Eyre and Spottiswoode, Bracken was first elected to the House of Commons in 1929 as Conservative member for North Paddington.’
    • ‘We talk about quality newspapers and tabloids.’
    • ‘The move by the Times and other quality papers to the more manageable tabloid format is designed to boost their appeal to the youth market.’
    • ‘In Britain they made the front pages of the quality papers after an interview in the right-wing Spectator in which they announced their support for then-prime minister John Major.’