Definition of qualitatively in English:



  • With regard to the quality or qualities of something rather than its quantity.

    ‘our results differ qualitatively from previous studies’
    ‘security levels can be qualitatively assessed’
    • ‘This overestimation affects the average behavior of the system, and depending on the model can even yield qualitatively wrong results.’
    • ‘At the end of training, subjects were asked to answer a short questionnaire to qualitatively assess their knowledge of the repeating problems.’
    • ‘Changing these values within physically reasonable limits does not qualitatively change the results.’
    • ‘Today, the public mood in Russia differs qualitatively from the mood in 2003 and 2007.’
    • ‘Public health services have been deteriorating quantitatively and qualitatively due to limitation in available resources.’
    • ‘Building a compact system is qualitatively different from building a full tower PC.’
    • ‘The performance in protein design calculations was also evaluated qualitatively.’
    • ‘In actuality, the statement itself is qualitatively neutral.’
    • ‘Qualitatively, all of our predictions were correct.’
    • ‘The theory/simulations and experiments can be directly qualitatively and quantitatively compared with each other.’