Definition of Quakerism in English:



  • See Quaker

    • ‘He begins his account by detailing the apparent triumph of the evangelicals within Quakerism during the early to mid-nineteenth century.’
    • ‘This chapter too contains some conceptual difficulties, not least of which is that the anti-materialism voiced by single Quaker women was actually a basic tenet of Quakerism embraced by men as well.’
    • ‘Michael Haykin has researched the serious damage caused by Quakerism.’
    • ‘In his presentation on the Baptist sects, Weber explores the similarities between Calvinist doctrine and Quakerism.’
    • ‘We know that from the earliest decades of their enslaved sojourn in North America, some Africans converted to Christianity, e.g., Congregationalism, Anglicanism, and Quakerism.’