Definition of quaintness in English:



  • See quaint

    • ‘Like nearly everything in the Fitzroy Gardnes, it is looking a bit the worse for wear, but the slight shabbiness and quaintness contributes to the tree's charm and friendliness, rather than detracting from it.’
    • ‘Typically, critics focused on the strangeness and quaintness of the boxes, missing some of the ‘richness & poetry’ that had flowed into the making of Cornell's constructions.’
    • ‘The people are so nice, the city so pleasant and full of history, but what I see so far is that it has English quaintness yet all the luxuries we are used to in America.’
    • ‘But behind the quaintness, there is, of course, modern life: banks and cash points, supermarkets and even cybercafes hide in the old white buildings.’
    • ‘He commented on the quaintness of the Shamrock Theatre and spoke of some of the people he had met when he had organised little plays and exhibitions of Irish Dancing at which he awarded medals to his pupils.’