Definition of quaintly in English:



  • In an attractively unusual or old-fashioned manner.

    ‘quaintly named cottages’
    ‘the menu still refers, quaintly, to feathered and furred game’
    • ‘One of these oddities was the quaintly titled Piccadilly House.’
    • ‘He quaintly refers to the Wachowskis as 'the boys'.’
    • ‘Of course, some of it comes across as quaintly out of date.’
    • ‘The quaintly named Mariner's Haven is a new development from the house builders Local Homes.’
    • ‘The Government is spending $11 .7 million walling itself in in the national Parliament in a project the bureaucracy quaintly calls "security enhancement".’
    • ‘White rooftops cluster quaintly against the lower slopes.’
    • ‘Quaintly, it can be lucky to give money away, too!’
    • ‘We arrived at our hotel, quaintly named 'The Cleopatra'.’
    • ‘'Occasional Supper Clubs', as they have been quaintly dubbed, are clandestine gatherings of food-fanciers.’
    • ‘We discover that artists' studios range from ultramodern to quaintly rural.’
    • ‘Posters now appear quaintly old-fashioned, something to be collected rather than made.’