Definition of quadrangle in English:



  • 1Geometry
    A four-sided plane figure, especially a square or rectangle.

    • ‘This quadrangle is about to become a pentagram.’
    • ‘You can make rectangles, octagons, septagons, or quadrangles… Or you can make ovals as we did.’
    • ‘In contrast, triangles and quadrangles appear in the middle.’
  • 2A square or rectangular space or courtyard enclosed by buildings.

    • ‘Written beside her signature was ‘Meet me at the quadrangle.’’
    • ‘Buildings around the quadrangle would be primarily for research.’
    • ‘Johen waved a hand at the quadrangle of low buildings in front of them, set around a cobbled yard.’
    • ‘The younger two were allowed into the inner quadrangle so that we could all be photographed together afterwards.’
    • ‘A fourth part to the quadrangle garden is to follow a Japanese theme.’
    • ‘In time, the rest of the quadrangle filled up with bookstacks.’
    • ‘The centerpiece of the main quadrangle is a beach volleyball court that sees a lot of action throughout the day.’
    • ‘Exit at the west wing… it's the building across the quadrangle.’
    • ‘My college was small and such passings in the ornate quadrangles were hard to avoid.’
    • ‘And we learn the significance of quadrangles and waterways in the layout of the grounds.’
    • ‘Patients should have rest, food, fresh air, and exercise - the quadrangle of health.’
    • ‘The L-shaped administration building and annex, along with the library, form Xavier's original campus quadrangle.’
    • ‘Oak Day is held in the central quadrangle and marks their royal founder's birthday.’
    • ‘David collected his wooden practice weapon and joined the group in one of the quadrangles.’
    • ‘Such a proposal clearly involves work on each side of the quadrangle.’
    • ‘They had just passed into the central quadrangle when young Brown returned at a run.’
    • ‘He delivered a lunchtime talk on versification at Sydney University in a lecture hall adjoining the quadrangle.’
    • ‘The elevation of the quadrangle is lowest in the lower left region and highest in the upper right region.’
    • ‘So the new blocks are built around quadrangles in the style of a Victorian school.’
    • ‘The small complex now forms a quadrangle that celebrates the gallery as the treasure it is.’
    courtyard, quad, court, cloister, precinct, square, plaza, piazza, enclosure, close
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Late Middle English: from Old French, or from late Latin quadrangulum ‘square’, neuter of quadrangulus, from Latin quadri- ‘four’ + angulus ‘corner, angle’.