Definition of quad in English:



  • 1informal Short for:

    • ‘She will also represent her country in the quad.’
    • ‘Radcliffe pulled out of the marathon with four miles remaining but says the pressure of dealing with a quad injury was responsible for the heartbreak.’
    • ‘The press back to the top is mostly quads.’
    • ‘You have to look for ways to minimize hip action in order to focus completely on your quads.’
    • ‘The Student Union is part of the Gray Campus Center, located in the heart of campus in the quad.’
    • ‘Start with the one-legged squat, which enlists all of your quad muscles to keep your knee tracking over your toes.’
    • ‘Michael also noticed an increasing number of quad bikes taking part in the Saturday night cruising spectacular on Southend seafront.’
    • ‘Out in our quad, the first tentative rosy petals are showing on the tiny trees.’
    • ‘It was an open-air gig, taking place in the quad inside of the Somerset House complex.’
    • ‘Technique can be good or bad but unless you have the strength needed within your rear quad, your lunge will not be effective.’
    • ‘In removing the quad bike, police were exercising a new power which enables them to seize bikes which are causing alarm, distress or annoyance.’
    • ‘Carter misses the All-Star Game, and most of February, with an injury to his left quad.’
    • ‘Farms around Wootton Bassett have suffered a spate of quad bike burglaries.’
    • ‘I do leg presses in every quad workout, starting with one or two warm-up sets of 10 reps.’
    • ‘At the U, they make their way past the police lines towards some shrubbery on the quad.’
    • ‘The hill work helps develop your quads for the 32,000-foot total elevation gain.’
    • ‘He currently does four sets of squats and five sets of leg presses to maintain his quad size.’
    • ‘In fact, I tore a quad benching at a meet.’
    • ‘At the same time, I want to feel my quads being pushed toward failure.’
    • ‘Some farmers are successfully applying fertilisers using a quad.’
    1. 1.1 A quadrangle.
    2. 1.2 A quadruplet (child).
      • ‘This lady needs a few of these new medals that are coming out for having two sets of quads.’
      • ‘The return yesterday of the Murphy quads to the place of their birth was a momentous occasion.’
      • ‘You'll see what it's like in one household dealing with quads plus two older children.’
      • ‘This is, if you like, the first of twins, triplets, or maybe even quads.’
      • ‘A total of 577 sets of twins, 52 sets of triplets and a set of quads have been invited to the day.’
    3. 1.3 A quadriceps.
      • ‘We recommend a stance with your heels close together to better target your outer quads.’
      • ‘Workout No.4 will finish out your body with your left quad, ham and calf.’
      • ‘Carter misses the All-Star Game, and most of February, with an injury to his left quad.’
      • ‘Her quads are a bit sore, she says, but other than that she's feeling pretty good.’
      • ‘As you depress the pedals, you use your quads and hip flexors along with your calf muscles.’
      • ‘Contract your quads to raise the pad until your legs are fully extended.’
      • ‘I also extend each foot behind my glutes to really stretch my quads.’
      • ‘Skipping forearms is like training quads but not calves.’
      • ‘My real concern is the atrophy that has resulted in my left quad.’
      • ‘With an above knee amputation, you have no hamstring or quad.’
      • ‘It does a great job working your lower body, hitting the quads, glutes, abductors and adductors.’
      • ‘For set one, place your feet directly under your shoulders to target your quads.’
      • ‘Many guys dread training quads because they don't approach it with the proper philosophy.’
      • ‘The hill work helps develop your quads for the 32,000-foot total elevation gain.’
      • ‘"Think about lengthening and contracting your quads as you do each move, " Glick adds.’
      • ‘If lactic acid has your quads in knots, give your upper body a workout in the sea.’
      • ‘Releasing and stretching the quads is important for keeping the pelvis in its proper position.’
      • ‘The pressure shouldn't be on your lower quads, but on your middle and upper quads.’
      • ‘Still contracting your quad, hold for two seconds then release; repeat.’
      • ‘For example, I'll train quads in the morning and hamstrings at night.’
    4. 1.4 A quad bike.
      • ‘Not only have they have dug up the pitches but have driven quads or cars into the goalposts.’
      • ‘On his quad, he rode past the crowd, pointing to four stunt fearing people.’
      • ‘He said: ‘The noise of these quad vehicles has continued throughout the weekend.’’
      • ‘Youngsters can also have fun with Rockingham's mascot, Rocky the Rhino, the kids' quad and motor bikes.’
      • ‘He has called on an area to be set aside for the people on quads.’
      • ‘Today his mother spoke out to warn youngsters of the dangers of quad bikes.’
      • ‘Riding quads in parks is a contravention of the public open spaces by-law.’
      • ‘His four-wheel-drive quad was nowhere to be seen.’
      • ‘I think that the quad biking and paint balling were really fun.’
      • ‘They had four quads but Jess and Alicia weren't too comfortable driving them so the others always ending up driving.’
      • ‘I have three young sons who love flying about on their quads but have no where to ride them.’
      • ‘The country trek on quads takes the group over a hundred acres up and down hills and across streams.’
      • ‘He scoots me out the door and onto the vacant high-speed quad.’
      • ‘The unusual fundraiser involved Gardencare volunteers embarking on a 1,500 mile journey around Ireland… on a quad!’
      • ‘Mal Pais is about a one-hour quad ride from the surfing village of Montezuma.’
      • ‘Everyone is looking forward to the high-speed quad, though the resort has made no promises.’
      • ‘"I actually landed both the quad salchow and the toe loop on the same day, " he remembered.’
      • ‘Some people said it was Santa's young son, riding a suitable decorated junior quad.’
      • ‘Katalyn almost landed the quad, but her feet got all twisted when she tried to land.’
      • ‘We could not stop him riding his quad and we didn't want to.’
    5. 1.5 Quadraphony.
      • ‘This means that a quadraphony transmission must be capable of reproduction through a stereo or monaural receiver.’
  • 2(in telephony) a group of four insulated conductors twisted together, usually forming two circuits.

    • ‘These units can contain one, two or eight LEDs, the duals and quads available in tower versions only.’
  • 3A radio aerial in the form of a square or rectangle broken in the middle of one side.

    • ‘The monthly electric bill to run a high-speed quad can hit $14,000.’
    marketplace, close, quadrangle, quad, courtyard
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  • 4informal A traditional four-wheeled roller skate.

    • ‘I'm sure the people kept wondering, ‘Why struggle with those blades when the quads are so much better?’’
    • ‘Even then, quads aren't as fast as low cut inline speed skates.’
    • ‘I have been skating on Ice, roller, quads, blades for over 20 years.’
  • 5Printing
    A small metal block in various sizes, lower than type height, used in letterpress printing for filling up short lines.


  • Quadruple or quadraphonic.

    • ‘Kurt Browning had a quad toe loop when he turned pro.’
    • ‘But the two-time World bronze medalist stumbled on a second quad toe, doubled the loop.’
    • ‘Gao is using a quad toe/triple toe combination in both his short and long program.’
    • ‘Last year I landed my first quad toe loop.’
    • ‘When I was 19 or 20, I learned the quad toe loop.’