Definition of qawwal in English:



  • A performer of qawwali.

    • ‘This was in evidence on December 6 when hundreds braved the biting cold to enjoy the rendition of two qawwals.’
    • ‘Capable but hardly outstanding qawwals, these two, and Sparkes ain't at his best either, amounting to a less than inspired album.’
    • ‘Initially the qawwalis will be sung by 10 groups of professional qawwals, all during peak morning and evening hours, said Sahil.’
    • ‘It has encouraged other traditional arts, too, like mirasis, bhands, qawwals and nakals.’
    • ‘He mastered the art of classical music and gave his maiden stage performance along with another noted qawwal when he was hardly 14.’


Urdu and Persian qawwāl, from Arabic, ‘reciter, chanter’ (see qawwali).