Definition of pyromania in English:



mass noun
  • An obsessive desire to set fire to things.

    • ‘This act of monetary pyromania was performed for the benefit of Richard Nixon's 1972 re-election campaign.’
    • ‘We could be identical twins and people would be mistaking me as the perpetrator of your pyromania.’
    • ‘The main way the IP speaks out to the community at large in Winnipeg is through arson and pyromania.’
    • ‘‘I was a math/chemistry/physics nut as a kid - chemistry kits, pyromania, the whole bit,’ said Dwyer.’
    • ‘Maybe the burning channeled a pyromania that exists in everyone but is usually dormant.’
    • ‘It seemed startlingly appropriate, as I had developed pyromania by then as an outlet.’
    • ‘This had two distinct advantages: pyromania and eight nights' worth of presents to unwrap.’
    • ‘She wouldn't let herself fuel any pyromania that Voice was developing.’
    incendiarism, firebombing
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