Definition of pyrogenic in English:



  • 1Medicine
    Inducing fever.

    ‘a pyrogenic response follows intravenous injection of endotoxin’
    • ‘Endotoxin bacteria also are called pyrogenic bacteria because they activate the inflammatory process and produce fever.’
    • ‘It is possible that when BAL is performed in an infected or inflamed area in infants, more pyrogenic cytokines are released.’
    • ‘Chemical mediators are released that secrete pyrogenic endotoxins and exotoxins.’
    • ‘The pyrogenic exotoxins, also known as erythrogenic toxins, are responsible for the rash of scarlet fever.’
    • ‘They can cause pyrogenic reaction symptoms, including fever, chills, and hypotension.’
  • 2Caused or produced by combustion or the application of heat.

    ‘pyrogenic factors affecting the fluctuation of the forest–savannah boundary’
    • ‘Our results confirm the nature of Florida scrub as an ‘autosuccessional’ ecosystem, typical of most pyrogenic shrublands.’
    • ‘Fire-suppression efforts soon followed, largely eliminating fire from these pyrogenic forests.’
    • ‘Fever is the body's response to an infection or inflammation, and is triggered by special pyrogenic hormones from the hypothalamus.’
    • ‘Xeric oak scrub communities are pyrogenic, so their flora and fauna have developed adaptations to fire.’