Definition of pyro in English:



  • A pyromaniac.

    • ‘They include history's most tattooed man, Lucky Diamond Rich, and Toronto-based pyro daredevil Fireguy.’
    • ‘As for the pipes and the pyro, rest assured that the man responsible was removed from his post the very next day.’
    • ‘The tune and the Kiss-like pyro are the same, yet his entrance gets a bigger pop now than ever before.’
    • ‘Bo was making her way over the fire, her pyro side starting to take over when a shirtless boy nearly ran into her.’
    • ‘All of us laughed again, because Nathan was a total pyro freak.’
    • ‘I'm watching my house burn to the ground because my little sister is a pyro.’
    • ‘Otto shrieked out, jumping on his pyro brother.’
    • ‘Shane used the name Nuke, being the pyro guy and all.’
    • ‘Eternity's a long time to spend with pyros in red pajamas with pitch forks, yeah.’