Definition of pyrexia in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Raised body temperature; fever.

    ‘nine patients had unexplained pyrexia’
    count noun ‘Julie still had a pyrexia’
    • ‘Rarely, patients may have influenza-like symptoms, transient pyrexia, or allergic reactions.’
    • ‘In Perth, maternal pyrexia and preceding viral illness were both importantly associated with encephalopathy.’
    • ‘Fever, or pyrexia, refers to a rise of up to 40.5°C and hyperpyrexia to a greater rise.’
    • ‘Heat exhaustion typically is associated with nonspecific signs and symptoms and mild pyrexia.’
    • ‘Along with the constant infestation of lice came the high risk of pyrexia, or trench fever.’
    feverishness, high temperature, febricity, febrility
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Mid 18th century: modern Latin, from Greek purexis, from puressein ‘be feverish’, from pur ‘fire’.