Definition of pyracantha in English:



  • A thorny evergreen Eurasian shrub with white flowers and bright red or yellow berries, which is a popular ornamental.

    Genus Pyracantha, family Rosaceae

    Also called firethorn
    • ‘Plants such as pyracantha and Japanese quince produce flowers and berries on branches more than 1 year old.’
    • ‘Use bouquets of pyracantha berries in small vases at place settings.’
    • ‘Wall shrubs including pyracantha or ornamental quince can be trained and get less out of control than some vigorous climbers.’
    • ‘But the robins weren't the only birds that took advantage of the pyracantha berries while they were on the bush.’
    • ‘The pyracantha bushes flaunt the screaming orange berries, the deciduous hollies sport sparkling red ones on bare stems.’


Modern Latin, via Latin from Greek purakantha, the name of an unidentified plant, from pur ‘fire’ + akantha ‘thorn’.