Definition of pygmy owl in English:

pygmy owl


  • A very small owl found in America and northern Eurasia.

    Genus Glaucidium, family Strigidae: several species

    • ‘Small raptors such as pygmy owls, for example, elicited the most frenzied chickadee danger calls.’
    • ‘From the forest's edge a warm wind carried the scent of wild spices and the sweet call of a pygmy owl.’
    • ‘To someone who cares about Ironwood's petroglyphs, pygmy owls, and bighorn sheep, these requests might seem absurd.’
    • ‘Looking for the tiny pygmy owl in the dark was a surreal experience.’
    • ‘The pygmy owl, with a reddish tail and a grey-brown body, has been listed as endangered since 1997.’