Definition of putsch in English:



  • A violent attempt to overthrow a government; a coup.

    • ‘Immediately rumours began to circulate that the blackout was part of a putsch against Estrada.’
    • ‘Hitler did not come to power through a putsch, but through the ballot-box.’
    • ‘Following the military putsch in 1980 the system took on a further dimension.’
    • ‘In Caracas, the elected president is a Castroite who earlier attempted a beer-hall putsch and is busily immiserating his middle class.’
    • ‘Whether this would be achieved by popular uprising or a putsch by a few well placed individuals with Western backing has yet to be seen.’
    • ‘To this day the PP claims it was itself the victim of a left-wing putsch and refuses to accept the result of the election.’
    • ‘Only three years earlier in 1971, the Turkish army had carried out a putsch, and for two years left-wingers suffered arrest, torture and murder.’
    • ‘I was in Moscow shortly before the putsch in 1993 and I noticed a threatening climate.’
    • ‘A country whose holidays and putsches all take place in beer halls can't be all bad.’
    • ‘Many of them participated actively in the failed putsch of August 1991.’
    • ‘The Turkish military has carried out a total of four putsches against the government over the last 40 years.’
    • ‘De Gaulle became president of France in 1958, following a putsch by French settlers and the military in Algeria.’
    • ‘The result has been ideological confusion, civilian helplessness, and an environment eminently hospitable to putsches.’
    • ‘In fairness to those behind the alleged attempt at a Conservative putsch, they're not the first to try it hereabouts.’
    • ‘Taya himself usurped power by force in a 1984 putsch.’
    • ‘It was also another putsch, another military putsch, very violent.’
    • ‘August 19, 1991, was the date of the anti-democratic putsch in Moscow.’
    • ‘Not a few thought that the Herut might mount a putsch.’
    • ‘The attempted putsch of August 1991 was not far off.’
    • ‘The putsch was rounded off by the Turkish constitutional court which sanctioned the action of the military and banned Refah.’
    insurrection, rebellion, revolt, riot, revolution, uprising, rising, coup, coup d'état, protest, strike
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Early 20th century: from Swiss German, literally ‘thrust, blow’.