Definition of putrescence in English:



  • See putrescent

    • ‘He was so close that I could smell putrescence coming from him.’
    • ‘Two seconds later, a large section of the putrescence begins to move, it crawls along the path and stands up!’
    • ‘Paradoxically, the physical body from which the putrescence comes scarcely seems to touch the earth with its weight.’
    • ‘Most episodes have a line or two that will just crack you up because of their putrescence.’
    • ‘Altogether these produced a breakdown in the cellular structure of the body, evident in the putrescence of the flesh and bones of sufferers.’
    • ‘Textually, his ‘work’ orchestrates a cacophony of human ruin and putrescence.’
    • ‘Afterward, they go to the adjacent market to buy oil and herbs to prepare a balm to anoint a body in putrescence.’