Definition of put up with in English:

put up with

phrasal verb

  • Tolerate; endure.

    ‘I'm too tired to put up with any nonsense’
    • ‘We wish to object to the disgusting sight we have to put up with whenever we look out of our window.’
    • ‘There would be howls of outrage from the drinks industry but we can put up with that.’
    • ‘She was prepared to put up with almost anything in order not to have to face up to her past.’
    • ‘I can certainly appreciate what the miners had to put up with just to earn a crust.’
    • ‘Luckily, she's about as understanding as they come, and puts up with most of my antics.’
    • ‘He is apparently quite passive, and puts up with all this verbal aggression from his wife.’
    • ‘Three hours is a long time in the cinema, longer than most audiences are prepared to put up with.’
    • ‘What they will not put up with, however, is a lack of control over other people.’
    • ‘I've been putting up with the problem for a long time now.’
    • ‘I have more important things to do than put up with more of her silly mind games.’
    tolerate, take, stand, stand for, accept, stomach, swallow, endure, bear, brook, support, submit to, take something lying down
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