Definition of put up the shutters in English:

put up the shutters


  • (of a business) cease trading for the day or permanently.

    ‘the village Post Office put up the shutters for the last time’
    • ‘We have to adapt to these economic developments, not by putting up the shutters, but by managing, controlling and selecting.’
    • ‘Siddique even found the time to wink for the Telegraph & Argus during a clinch as Nesbitt put up the shutters once again.’
    • ‘Others, however, are putting up the shutters - ten per cent of private-sector final salary schemes closed to new members in the past 12 months.’
    • ‘In the winter, he closed some of the retail stores and even shuttered the tavern, bringing year-round headcount to 50.’
    • ‘Cleo and Denis Hourihan will put up the shutters next Wednesday lunchtime, after six years at the High Street post office, and will move into their retirement bungalow in Shrewton.’