Definition of put up a fight in English:

put up a fight


  • Offer resistance to an attack.

    • ‘A journalist puts up a fight against an industrialist who is dumping chemical waste near a school.’
    • ‘Still, they have a long way to go, even if they were clearly putting up a fight.’
    • ‘As the songwriter said, ‘treat the youths right, or they'll be putting up a fight.’’
    • ‘I beat a hasty retreat without putting up a fight.’
    • ‘Chelsea must be shown they can't just take our best players without us putting up a fight.’
    • ‘O'Connell, on the other hand, seemed to have put up a fight.’
    • ‘I have observed that more women, including domestic helpers, have now realized their rights and, therefore, are putting up a fight against discrimination and violence.’
    • ‘I will not compromise my own principles and judgement without putting up a fight.’
    • ‘On Monday, however, local residents, including a large number of pensioners, said they would not let the home close without putting up a fight.’
    • ‘He was putting up a fight, but he didn't seem that strong.’
    retaliate, counterattack, strike back, hit back, reply, respond, react, reciprocate, return fire, give tit for tat, give as good as one gets, return the compliment, defend oneself, put up a fight, return like for like, get back at someone, give someone a dose of their own medicine, give someone a taste of their own medicine
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