Definition of put the question in English:

put the question


  • (in a formal debate or meeting) require supporters and opponents of a proposal to record their votes.

    • ‘At least 10 states are putting the question to a referendum and opinion polls in Britain, Denmark, Poland and the Czech Republic show majorities of voters opposed.’
    • ‘For now, Yaroslavsky is holding firm and does not favor putting the question to voters.’
    • ‘I just say that I am required to put the question.’
    • ‘France and The Netherlands would have to re-run their referenda before some countries will risk putting the question to the people.’
    • ‘The Hansard record clearly shows that the Deputy Speaker had not put the question.’
    • ‘The Immigration Minister says Australia is not obliged to follow the UN request, prompting Senator Nettle to put the question again.’
    • ‘Steinbach city council could well come in for some sound criticism in the coming days and weeks after narrowly deciding on Tuesday to put the question of licensed dining rooms to a vote.’
    • ‘Could I point out to the Leader of the House that if he cares to read them out I will put the question separately at the end of the debate?’
    • ‘Under provincial legislation, a petition with enough signatures can force city council to put the question on a plebiscite.’
    • ‘I have already put the question and the vote has been taken.’