Definition of put something together in English:

put something together

phrasal verb

  • Make something by assembling different parts or people.

    ‘he can take a clock apart and put it back together again’
    ‘they decided to put a new band together’
    • ‘From when I was very small, I was always interested seeing how various things are put together.’
    • ‘It can be put together on an assembly line, like an automobile.’
    • ‘Purchasers had been entitled to assume that their homes would be put together in the traditional way using tried and tested materials such as solid house-bricks.’
    • ‘The machines are put together largely from non-aircraft components.’
    • ‘Needing to take the music out on to the road, a new band was put together.’
    • ‘Valentine displays have been put together by staff with a sense of romance.’
    • ‘I have always been fascinated by how things are put together whether it is wirelesses or motor cars.’
    • ‘After the bars are cut, Thurston replaces the tubing with a fresh piece and puts the car back together.’
    • ‘The auto carriers are put together and taken apart while passengers are aboard their section of the train.’
    • ‘It was interesting to take other peoples' songs apart, see how they were put together and arranged.’
    • ‘The costumes were put together by Dee Armstrong.’
    assemble, compile, make up, collate, compose, marshal, organize, arrange, sort out, systematize, systemize, anthologize
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