Definition of put something to bed in English:

put something to bed


  • 1Make a newspaper or book ready for press.

    ‘the newspaper will often be put to bed the day before the publication date’
    • ‘They'd found out at night, just as they were putting the paper to bed, and included as much relevant information as they could confirm at the time.’
    • ‘It all began after I stopped by the pub after putting the paper to bed on new year's eve to share a shandy with the troops.’
    • ‘The news was one of two late good news breaks about the health service as we put the newspaper to bed on Thursday afternoon.’
    • ‘The vast amount of our usage is not taken from the paper, it's content we produce once the newspaper is put to bed.’
    • ‘The key match finished well beyond the time most papers are put to bed.’
    • ‘Everywhere around me, the editorial staff were putting the magazine to bed.’
    • ‘He catches the cramped, grotty frisson of the reporters' room, the professionalism instilled by hard-nosed old hands in the game, the lure of the bars when the final edition had been put to bed.’
    • ‘It didn't matter how close to putting the paper to bed, if it was a story she really needed she would wait right through to the end, but she would be a very cross lady.’
    • ‘Got a long day tomorrow; I'm putting a magazine to bed.’
    • ‘Eventually it was done, the paper was put to bed, set up on the printing press and rolled out for dispatch.’
    1. 1.1 Deal with conclusively.
      ‘I hope that puts to bed all the nonsense’
      ‘the university debate needs putting to bed’
      ‘one theatre season has been put to bed and another is just springing to life’
      • ‘Everywhere around me, the editorial staff were putting the magazine to bed.’
      • ‘Managed to make some headway on putting the garden to bed for the winter too.’
      • ‘With that rant put to bed, lets talk about more important things, like the game itself.’
      • ‘I can now at least put one major issue to bed.’
      • ‘Now Sinn Fein's Eamonn McConvey is demanding the the issue is ' put to bed '.’
      • ‘He confirmed however that by the time the redundancy package is put to bed up to 1,500 jobs will have been axed.’
      • ‘The nuclear option is by no means put to bed.’
      • ‘Sources close to the government said that Martin Cullen, the transport minister, is determined to put the terminal issue to bed.’
      • ‘They want to see this case put to bed.’
      • ‘With all due respect, I just want to put that argument to bed.’