Definition of put something off in English:

put something off

phrasal verb

  • Postpone something.

    ‘they can't put off a decision much longer’
    • ‘The proposal, with five others, was considered by Southend's cabinet yesterday but a decision was put off because of an undisclosed technical matter.’
    • ‘If your older child is approaching any major milestones, like potty training or moving from a crib to a bed, you may want to put them off until after the baby has been at home for some time.’
    • ‘Maintenance schemes costing more than £700,000 to improve the condition of York council homes have been put off - because of a funding shortfall.’
    • ‘Their questions were put off until after the public address.’
    • ‘Decisions about replacing cages will be put off until 2009.’
    • ‘What was said to me was that the decision has been put off until Tuesday.’
    • ‘In the last three months, 14 operations were put off because instruments, including scalpels and forceps, were found to be dirty or the protective wrapping was damaged.’
    • ‘But a decision was put off for a further four weeks while design issues are resolved.’
    • ‘I kept putting the decision off, until my friend persuaded me to tell the baby's father.’
    • ‘The wish to put things off or to delay them is human, but counterproductive.’
    postpone, defer, delay, put off, adjourn, hold over, reschedule, table
    postpone, defer, delay, put back, adjourn, hold over, reschedule, shelve, table
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