Definition of put something into someone's head in English:

put something into someone's head


  • Suggest something to someone.

    ‘who's been putting ideas into your head?’
    • ‘And oh, by the way Richard, thanks for putting that idea into my head.’
    • ‘She had dreaded this as soon as the idea was put into her head.’
    • ‘After Gail had put the idea into my head, it was hard not to run out onto the street screaming my discovery to the world.’
    • ‘On the other hand no one can conceive of a black mayor until the hero recognises the young black man cleaning in a restaurant as the future mayor and puts the idea into his head.’
    • ‘My friends were the first to put the idea into my head and when I told my parents about it, they said if I was curious, they could contact the adoption agency.’
    • ‘Who ever put the idea into my head that anyone could help me?’
    • ‘The only reason why you might want to rebel against your culture was because you had been got at by some western liberals who've put these different ideas into your head.’
    • ‘Books about outlaws were blamed because they put ideas into his head about an exciting life of crime.’
    • ‘It was probably he who put the idea into my head that an ordinary man could leave something for the future.’
    • ‘I should have never put the idea into his head in the first place.’