Definition of put something in/into in English:

put something in/into

phrasal verb

  • 1Present or submit something formally.

    ‘the airport had put in a claim for damages’
    • ‘The Trust will be putting in a bid for Millard House in the next couple of weeks.’
    • ‘Compensation claims are there to protect the rights of the individual putting in the claim.’
    • ‘Mr Wood says the six leading clubs had already got together to look at putting in a bid.’
    • ‘The pair approached Historic Scotland to ask about possible grants before putting in an offer.’
    • ‘At present the bids are put in once a year and residents are only consulted on those which are successful.’
    • ‘York council chiefs investigating how cash went missing at the authority's finance centre say they will be putting a claim in to their insurers.’
    • ‘One resident would have to put an insurance claim in to get the damage fixed.’
    • ‘Tired of putting in offers for houses but being beaten at the last minute?’
    • ‘Bolton will be putting in a bid to the government for extra funding to tackle the towns growing problem.’
    • ‘I am putting in a proposal to the department of health to explore the mechanisms.’
    submit, present, make, file, enter, lodge
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    1. 1.1put in forBritish Apply formally for.
      ‘Adam put in for six months' leave’
      • ‘I will be putting in for change of use of my premises and turning it into flats.’
      • ‘The City is putting in for a bigger road budget.’
      • ‘Management has conceded the pay rise that workers put in for.’
      • ‘And, to add insult to injury, our councillors have the nerve to put in for more expenses.’
      • ‘When the job became available I did put in for it.’
      • ‘‘I am looking to develop the land for bungalows and, once those negotiations are concluded, I hope to put in for planning permission,’ he added.’
      • ‘We kept putting in for planning permission but they kept knocking us back.’
      • ‘We have put in for a number of smaller trust funds but so far none of the other grants have come through.’
      • ‘I am putting in for special leave so I can see him.’
      • ‘I'll have to put in for a car park pass as well.’
      apply for, put in an application for, request, seek, ask for, try for
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  • 2Devote time or effort to (something)

    ‘employed mothers put in the longest hours of all women’
    • ‘Employees frequently put in at least 50 hours a week.’
    • ‘People are putting in long hours to make up for poor organisation and planning in the workplace.’
    • ‘But even in the face of potential relapse, many exercisers worry that taking a break for health concerns may undo all the hard work they've put in at the gym.’
    • ‘Mother-daughter arguments are normal at this stage, but it's definitely worth putting some effort into improving the relationship.’
    • ‘Why don't they instead put the energy into presenting scientific rebuttals against our side?’
    • ‘I think it's a reflection of the hard work staff put in at the school.’
    • ‘We've been putting in a lot of work over a long period of time, it's been a struggle.’
    • ‘Most people do not mind putting in some extra time when there's a crisis or an unexpected rush.’
    • ‘We have had almost 120 training sessions, so a monumental effort has been put in.’
    • ‘Joe says that by putting in the hours at the social hall, he feels he is giving something back to the community.’
    put in, devote, employ
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  • 3Invest money or resources in.

    ‘the government are unwilling to put more money into training’
    • ‘If your company can show that it can create value for investors, people will put their money into your business.’
    • ‘The company says it is putting in at least $200 million a year for the next five years.’
    • ‘There is no major rush to put your money into the best investments available.’
    • ‘Predictably, the best performance was achieved by investors who put their money in property.’
    • ‘The Treasury has given several hundred million pounds in addition to what we are already putting in.’
    • ‘In the current economic environment, investors have grown increasingly cautious about putting their money into medical technology companies.’
    • ‘Investors typically want to put their money into a business that has the potential for huge profitability.’
    • ‘A special screening of a few songs is vital when it comes to persuading more investors to put their money into the film.’
    • ‘You get the rewards now of all the efforts you have been putting in to your business.’
    • ‘She would regularly work on scripts and help raise funding, even putting in her own money.’