Definition of put something about in English:

put something about

phrasal verb

  • Spread information or rumours.

    ‘the rumour had been deliberately put about by the authorities’
    • ‘It's certainly not us putting these rumours about.’
    • ‘The nonsense the opposition is putting about that people earning under $52,000 will get nothing from the Budget is scaremongering at its worst.’
    • ‘Josefina defends her friend against the ‘lie’ that she disliked children, saying it was put about by a child who was the ringleader of a group that would disturb Beatrix when she was trying to write quietly.’
    • ‘What I do know is that there is a lot of hot air, claim, sheer fantasy and scaremongering being put about which seems designed to strangle any plans at birth.’
    • ‘A spokesman added: ‘We dispute the view put about that there is little fraud because few people are being charged.’’
    • ‘I also used to put stories about, hinting that staff were being watched all the time, just to keep them alert.’
    • ‘He added that ‘misrepresentations, half-truths and downright lies’ had been put about since the judicial review, particularly on the estimated costs.’
    • ‘The story put about is that he used his laptop computer without using proper security measures, and therefore may have disclosed information or released it to unauthorized persons.’
    • ‘They just get a bit wrapped up in the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming event and start putting about daft ideas.’
    • ‘Not long ago, he accused me in an email of putting about stories that he's a drunk.’
    spread, spread about, spread around, circulate, make public, make known, disseminate, broadcast, publicize, pass on, propagate, announce, give out, bandy about
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