Definition of put someone up to in English:

put someone up to

phrasal verb

  • 1informal Encourage someone to do (something wrong or unwise)

    ‘Who else would play a trick like that on me? I expect Rose put him up to it’
    • ‘Was Franklin only charged with mishandling classified material because a more serious charge would also involve having to charge the guy who put him up to it?’
    • ‘We think the media is trying to make it look like we were put up to protesting.’
    • ‘It is not the sort of thing I would expect Junior to do and I can only believe he has been put up to it.’
    • ‘It had to be some sort of dare someone put him up to.’
    • ‘No doubt his unemployed mates had put him up to it.’
    • ‘The informants claimed they were put up to everything by O'Dowd.’
    • ‘She is shaking her head and laughing, and she then stops laughing, and becomes serious, ‘Did my friends put you up to this?’’
    • ‘He robbed a car of children's Christmas presents because he was terrified of the guy who put him up to it.’
    • ‘Who was he really and who had put him up to this wind-up?’
    • ‘I don't know why Wade put you up to this, or how much he paid you, but I'm not falling for it.’
    persuade to, encourage to, urge to, spur on to, egg on to, incite to, goad to
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  • 2archaic Inform someone about (something)

    ‘Ned's put me up to a good thing or two’
    • ‘He put me up to one or two things worth knowing.’
    • ‘How was it that all the clever people of Cambridge had never put him up to this simple rejoinder?’
    • ‘My husband had a long talk with Mr. Brewster, who put him up to all that had happened.’