Definition of put someone in mind of in English:

put someone in mind of


  • Resemble and so remind someone of.

    ‘he was a small, well-dressed man who put her in mind of a jockey’
    • ‘Her situation puts me in mind of the hassles I had trying to close my bank account upon leaving the UK (as Meg can attest to), but in a much more hair-tearing and utterly exhausting way.’
    • ‘It puts me in mind of when I spent time in Ulster a few years ago.’
    • ‘But it put me in mind of how essentially childish these office parties are.’
    • ‘It also puts me in mind of the intro to Bowie's Modern Love - it's those two piano chords, I think.’
    • ‘During another number she actually descends from the ceiling, angel-like, in a manner that puts me in mind of those nymphs that populate the paintings of pre-Raphaelite artists, only less demure.’
    • ‘I know absolutely nothing about The Delays, except that this is a sturdy piece of lilting power-pop of the classic school, which puts me in mind of The Tourists, The Pretenders, The Bangles and their ilk.’
    • ‘The phenomenon puts me in mind of that famous Palestinian pastime of coming up with a magical solution to the ‘Palestinian problem’, as though it were a riddle that required a single original answer.’
    • ‘He puts me in mind of the banker in Flaubert's ‘L' Education Sentimentale’: a man so habituated to corruption that he would happily pay for the pleasure of selling himself.’
    • ‘It puts me in mind of a New Zealander who boxed a young Chinese woman's ears at a metro station because of some slight inconvenience she might have caused him while boarding the train.’
    • ‘It puts me in mind of the time when an Australian conservative Prime Minister voted himself out of office.’
    remind of, cause to remember, recall, conjure up, suggest, evoke, summon up, call up
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