Definition of put someone/something out of their misery in English:

put someone/something out of their misery


  • 1End the suffering of a person or animal in pain by killing them.

    ‘I'll send him to our ‘hospice’ tent and then I'll put him out of his misery’
    • ‘He says a doctor approached him, saying a hospital administrator wanted to know what he thought about putting patients out of their misery.’
    • ‘Sometimes it was expressed informally, as when spectators at public demonstrations quietly put the animal subjects out of their misery.’
    • ‘Lastly think about this, we put animals down, this is looked upon as humane and is justified so why can we not put a person out of their misery?’
    • ‘Authorities are reviewing patient records, trying to evaluate claims that he administered fatal overdoses of medication to seriously ill patients to put them out of their misery.’
    • ‘I would like to feel that if I had a close friend or relative in agony with no prospect of any relief that someone would be able to put them out of their misery.’
    • ‘I just hope that if she was hunting birds she put them out of their misery, unlike that poor thing this morning.’
    • ‘When they are asked why they did it they say, ‘We were being kind to them, they were wounded and we were putting them out of their misery.’’
    1. 1.1informal Release someone from suspense or anxiety by telling them something they are anxious to know.
      ‘listeners were put out of their misery just before midday when broadcasters admitted to the April Fool’
      • ‘Maybe I should just put them out of their misery and just tell them the truth?’