Definition of put someone/something out of one's mind in English:

put someone/something out of one's mind


  • Deliberately forget someone or something.

    ‘she tried to put him out of her mind as she drove’
    • ‘The trepidation makes me feel queasy, so I cope by putting it out of my mind so that's enough about that.’
    • ‘Robert shrugged and put the goblins out of his mind.’
    • ‘So she put the elections out of her mind and prepared some milky tea and nan bread wrapped in a cloth for her son to take through an archway to the men's area.’
    • ‘Once I leave tomorrow you can put me out of your mind and you'll have forgotten about me completely in a week or two.’
    • ‘But I still couldn't put the question out of my mind.’
    • ‘It is highly unlikely that the person who drove off with Stephanie will have been able to put this situation out of his mind.’
    • ‘I simply put the pain out of my mind and forgot about it.’
    • ‘Even so, I had a hard time putting him out of my mind as I sat munching the cold turkey-loaf my wife had made into a sandwich from last night's dinner.’
    • ‘People experience different things but within weeks of the accident I went back to work and tried to put the experience out of my mind.’
    • ‘Then maybe it would have been easier to put it out of my mind and just get on with life; to forget what I was waiting for and be able to enjoy it when it eventually came along.’
    banish, put away, set aside, lay aside, abandon, have done with, drop, disregard, brush off, shrug off, forget, think no more of, pay no heed to, put out of one's mind
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