Definition of put someone/something on the map in English:

put someone/something on the map


  • Bring someone or something to prominence.

    ‘one big international polo tournament could really put our club on the map’
    • ‘This exhibit put us on the map in Michigan and Ohio, and brought in major collectors and a visit from the director of the Detroit Institute of Arts.’
    • ‘That investment in the film industry will put New Zealand on the map, and, as a country, we are all very proud of it.’
    • ‘It offers tours of the slightly faded villa buildings with movie trinkets including posters of The Night of the Iguana, the film that put Puerto Vallarta on the map for Americans.’
    • ‘I want to put this club on the map and, hopefully, turn Molesey into a footballing name.’
    • ‘It will give the club a considerable boost and really put us on the map again after the disappointments of losing Yorkshire county cricket.’
    • ‘He hopes to open a cabaret club in April which, he said, would put Bradford on the map and stop the drift of people to other areas.’
    • ‘Those fine Kerry Scotch Blackface sheep that you came across so regularly today all spring from the improvement brought about by this pioneering association which put the breed on the map.’
    • ‘Masi, one of the most famous producers in this region, has put Venetian wines on the map.’
    • ‘We're disappointed not to get through but it puts our club on the map again.’
    • ‘I want to put the city back on the map and bring people from other parts of the country and see something different here.’