Definition of put one's back into in English:

put one's back into


  • Approach (a task) with vigour.

    • ‘Staten put his back into the task now facing him with renewed vigour.’
    • ‘She really puts her back into it, which is missing in the full screen version.’
    • ‘He put his back into it and I hope he gets the reward he deserves,’ says Fitzpatrick, 55, a trade unionist involved in the recent wage settlement.’
    • ‘And, it was the first time the Australians put their back into the promotion of the tour.’
    • ‘Radcliffe is shivering and covered in goosebumps, but no matter: as most of the world knows, she is a trouper, the kind of girl that puts her back into whatever she does.’
    • ‘Rosamund Young is putting her back into her campaign by picking up litter from the hedgerows, lay-bys and verges of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.’
    • ‘He is the fastest bowler in the world, but he was not really putting his back into it.’
    • ‘Gregory only smiled, and put his back into helping lift the heavy tables.’
    • ‘You've got to put your back into it and head into the wind.’
    persevere with, persist with, keep at, work at, continue with, carry on with, go on with, not give up with, hammer away at, stay with, follow through, see through, go the distance, stay the course
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