Definition of put down roots in English:

put down roots


  • 1(of a plant) begin to draw nourishment from the soil through its roots.

    • ‘Some varieties, however, will spend their first year putting down roots vis-a-vis growing stems and flowers.’
    1. 1.1 (of a person) begin to have a settled life in a particular place.
      ‘I think it's time I put down some roots’
      ‘they have married, put down roots’
      • ‘Or is it something much more ephemeral, a sense of comfort, of forming bonds and putting down roots in an alien landscape?’
      • ‘Against this background, amid this natural wonder, men have chosen to settle themselves and put down roots.’
      • ‘We stayed, bought a house and started a family, happy to be putting down roots in such a lovely city.’
      • ‘More than 1,300 a week may visit the site, but of those, only 530 bothered to sign up to request further information on the possibilities and practicalities of putting down roots in Scotland.’
      • ‘You think they're not talking about it, but they are putting down roots.’
      • ‘The olive oil produced here is world-class, and Britons in search of la dolce vita are putting down roots in the area.’
      • ‘World War II wrought the second transformation, when defence industries began putting down roots.’
      • ‘If the parents who turned up for the talk are a snap shot of the families which are putting down roots in Newbridge, then the school building and its surroundings are also a microcosm of the booming town.’
      • ‘In putting down roots, we decide where we want to be buried.’
      • ‘Temporary visas mean life in limbo, with no prospect of family reunion or settling, and putting down roots.’
      settle, become established, establish oneself, make one's home, set up home
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