Definition of put down (or enter) one's (or someone's) name in English:

put down (or enter) one's (or someone's) name


  • Apply to enter an educational institution, course, competition, etc.

    ‘I put my name down for the course’
    • ‘Call for the amendments to the treaty, and I'll put down my name and seal to the document.’
    • ‘‘My mum spotted details in the United magazine and entered my name,’ added Katie.’
    • ‘I didn't enter my name into the nearly 600-person competition until 10 minutes before the deadline.’
    • ‘Tina was signing the board, putting down Chase 's name as well.’
    • ‘Just have an open day up at the Aras and anyone that wants to run goes up and puts down their name.’
    • ‘If you can guess which member of staff read which book you can enter your name in the competition for a delicious Easter Egg.’
    • ‘I wasn't sure what details she wanted to know about so I put down my name and address, age and height and the word weight with a question mark after it (well I didn't know).’
    • ‘On December 10, 2001, I signed up the project and entered my name into it.’
    • ‘I have already entered his name in the register.’
    • ‘Almost nine months before, I had put down my name and my deposit on the wait list for a hybrid car.’