Definition of put a period to in English:

put a period to


  • Put an end to.

    ‘in dry climates, the onset of summer drought may put a period to plant activity’
    • ‘‘They say they want to put a period to my presidency.’’
    • ‘Then there's a lull; people stare into their empty glasses, then pat the table with open palms and put a period to our merry night.’
    • ‘After all, he alone correctly predicted her response, warning him that she could not outlive the ‘perpetrated outrage,’ and that ‘wasting grief [would] put a period to her days ’.’
    • ‘Plot had not originally intended to include such material in the book since he believed that the chapter on arts had ‘finish'd the Natural History of Oxford-shire’ and prompted him ‘accordingly [to] here put a period to my Essay!’’
    • ‘Why are you determined to put a period to your own existence if his is the pistol that's primed?’
    bring to an end, bring to a close, finish, close, wind up, terminate, dissolve
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