Definition of put a name to in English:

put a name to


  • Remember or report what someone or something is called.

    ‘viewers were asked if they could put a name to the voice of the kidnapper’
    • ‘There were other faces that I couldn't put a name to.’
    • ‘The antique store was lined with strange, animal masks that seemed alive in the swimming shadows, oddly styled, decorative lamps, and many other items she couldn't put a name to.’
    • ‘The grown-ups were arguing with some old guy I recognise, but can't put a name to.’
    • ‘He watched TV for a while - a seventies science fiction film featuring a blonde actress he recognised from an American detective series but could not put a name to.’
    • ‘We will keep a close watch on this one and remember the next time you can't put a name to that face you half recognise - we know a man who can!’
    • ‘Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London published a paper in the journal Nature last January which puts a name to all this activity.’
    • ‘‘I don't care to put a name to what I do,’ he continued.’
    • ‘Olivia was practicing some nice, fairly hard moves which consisted in cantering in place and some other moves Kathryn couldn't put a name to.’
    • ‘The human brain has an uncanny ability to distinguish facial features and put a name to them, even when it's someone you've not seen for years or never seen in the flesh before.’
    • ‘It was nice to finally be able to put a name to how I felt and what I believed in.’