Definition of put a match to in English:

put a match to


  • Set fire to.

    • ‘Even if we had to put a match to what is left, and I sincerely hope we don't, we would still count it as a success.’
    • ‘Inside, he puts a match to the carefully laid wood of an open fire, the smoke billowing back immediately into the room.’
    • ‘A Canadian based in London with a background in classical piano and advanced mathematics, he has taken the rulebook and put a match to it.’
    • ‘It was the first thing he'd done when he got back from the hospital-sweep everything even vaguely illegal into a bag and then put a match to it.’
    • ‘It cannot be true for you that petrol burns and not true for me, since what happens when I put a match to petrol is just what happens if you do.’
    • ‘He put a match to an ancient smoke flare, which he'd brought to signal our success to friends below, and held it aloft.’
    • ‘The summer had been hot and the scrub was tinder dry, so it took little effort to put a match to but needed careful watching.’