Definition of put (or place) a premium on in English:

put (or place) a premium on


  • Regard or treat as particularly valuable or important.

    ‘he put a premium on peace and stability’
    • ‘Libertarianism puts a premium on individual liberties, and with liberties comes responsibility.’
    • ‘Economic globalization only raises the stakes - by putting a premium on the ability of corporate managers to control far-flung production and distribution chains.’
    • ‘Americans in 1921 placed a premium on efficiency, and Hoover was widely regarded as its embodiment.’
    • ‘Saturday's style of refereeing gives most of the penalties to the team with the ball, making defending doubly difficult, and putting a premium on ball retention.’
    • ‘Instruct your Web designer to put a premium on users' experience; look and feel are as important as functionality.’
    • ‘High fuel costs make commodities more expensive and put a premium on locally produced goods.’
    • ‘Encourage effort without putting a premium on winning or perfection.’
    • ‘Those resources have now almost run out, putting a premium on firms producing the raw material.’
    • ‘The U.S. Constitution puts a premium on individual liberty and freedom from governmental interference in the citizens' daily affairs.’
    • ‘This was due to a combination of factors including good timing and putting a premium on customer contact.’
    value greatly, attach great importance to, attach special importance to, set great store by, regard as particularly important, regard as particularly valuable, put a high value on, hold in high regard, appreciate greatly
    make valuable, make invaluable, put a high value on, make essential, make important
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