Definition of pussyfoot in English:



  • 1 Act in a cautious or non-committal way.

    ‘I realized I could no longer pussyfoot around’
    • ‘We can no longer be pussyfooting around thinking how thin-skinned people are when dealing with the matter of national security.’
    • ‘Believe me, he does not pussyfoot around when operating the action.’
    • ‘Don't pussyfoot around with vague terms like hang out.’
    • ‘It's this obstinate refusal to pussyfoot around and pull punches that endears her to those sick of spin and glib sloganeering.’
    • ‘And yes, it is an absolutely pretentious concept, but I admire Smith for making a bold claim and not pussyfooting around.’
    • ‘As the end credits rolled, you left Amélie thinking that love would come to even those who pussyfoot around in games of the heart.’
    • ‘We're simply pussyfooting around this issue instead of dealing with it.’
    • ‘With the state governments pussyfooting, the sex ratio continued to fall and the latest census revealed a further drop - 927 girls per 1,000 boys.’
    • ‘‘Tell me we're not going to pussyfoot around when we get in there,’ he says.’
    • ‘Giller doesn't tell us, though he pussyfoots around the subject.’
    • ‘I replied that there are just a few issues where we have to stop pussyfooting around, and free speech was one of them.’
    • ‘You don't pussyfoot around and make excuses for a murderous dictator who ignores U.N. mandates for 12 years.’
    • ‘Well, stop pussyfooting around and put your foot down.’
    • ‘If you want to pussyfoot around, you should not be fighting!’
    • ‘Of course White is pussyfooting around, but this is simply what a lot of players will do.’
    • ‘Mr Blair may want to pussyfoot around this issue, but I don't.’
    • ‘However, the work must be finished by the end of this financial year, so we won't get anywhere by pussyfooting around.’
    • ‘Let's do it in a sensible way and stop pussyfooting around.’
    • ‘Without pussyfooting around, I can state that Catwoman is a catastrophe.’
    • ‘The Federal Government should not pussyfoot around.’
    equivocate, be evasive, be non-committal, dodge the issue, evade the issue, fudge the issue, sidestep the issue, prevaricate, quibble, parry questions, hedge, fence, vacillate, shuffle about, beat about the bush
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    1. 1.1Move stealthily or warily.
      ‘they make a great show of pussyfooting through the greenery’
      • ‘It is not about pussyfooting in the dark nor is it about throwing stones while hiding the hand.’
      • ‘You've been pussyfooting around all week long about some secret you have.’
      creep, move stealthily, tiptoe, pad, soft-shoe, steal, sneak, nose, sidle, stalk, prowl, slink, skulk, tread warily
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