Definition of pushback in English:



mass noun
  • 1A negative or unfavourable reaction or response.

    ‘we got some pushback on the new pricing’
    • ‘Spokesman Carr expects some pushback, at least at first.’
    • ‘But there's a big difference, I think, between welcoming pushback and ‘tabloid journalism trolling.’’
    • ‘It's only since yesterday and again this morning that we've heard some of that pushback to Kerry.’
    • ‘I expect more pushback from other parts of the administration in the near future.’
    • ‘There's been some strong pushback from Republicans on this, however.’
    • ‘In the course of that exchange I mentioned that while I understood the pushback against John and the announcement he made last week I didn't understand quite the ferocity of it.’
    • ‘The pushback for our aggressive views has been intense.’
    • ‘However, for the most part, positive pushback can be an effective, positive and successful means of communication for nurses working in today's healthcare environment.’
    • ‘And for the first time we're seeing a real pushback on this national intelligence director post.’
    • ‘They have threatened me to pushback and obviously they were asking for some bribe. I chose not to waste more time and I had to settle that matter with $20 dollar underhand.’
    • ‘What kind of pushback did you get about the idea?’
    • ‘But the Constitution also provides for impeachment, and some pushback against judicial power is a good thing.’
    • ‘I often get pushback from the students from good schools who want to bring outside ideas to their close readings.’
    • ‘But what worries me more than the predictable pushback by the president's opponents is the nagging feeling I have that when it comes to the vision, perhaps they have a point.’
    • ‘We should never under-estimate the pushback we'll see from those who feel threatened by the spectre of 30 million Canadians armed with equal and effective votes.’
    • ‘Another pushback: So what do you suggest we do, huh?’
    • ‘When will we get effective political pushback against Hollywood's absolutism on copyright?’
    • ‘When I postulated that there were probably couples out there willing to adopt all the potential babies that are aborted in this country, I got pushback from one particularly belligerent commenter.’
    • ‘‘Everything we publish gets pushback from our clients, except from the 10% who score the highest,’ he says.’
    • ‘A positive pushback is executed by looking someone straight in the eye, and saying with an even, non-stressed tone what you want or need.’
  • 2(at an airport) the process of moving an aircraft from a passenger terminal to a runway or taxiway.

    ‘rules about having all passengers seated before pushback from the gate are not always followed’
    count noun ‘they held the plane an extra 13 minutes past its scheduled pushback’
    • ‘Flight tests of a modified and instrumented B737 are to begin next month to determine how long the inerting effect would remain when the fuel tanks are given a squirt of nitrogen gas before pushback.’
    • ‘Following the arrestment and sideline for a pushback, the flight-deck chief emphatically signaled for a shutdown of the port engine.’
    • ‘Now, when the Captain addressed us before we started pushback of the aircraft, I heard this lovely female Jamaican accent.’
    • ‘I reviewed the emergency procedures during the pushback.’
    • ‘The 311 system, with its ability to sort data by variables such as crew, truck, employee, job and day, didn't go in without pushback.’