Definition of push something through in English:

push something through

phrasal verb

  • Get a proposed measure completed or accepted quickly.

    ‘the government is trying to push through a package of measures to combat organized crime’
    • ‘Surely a chicane system should be considered before the proposed measures are pushed through.’
    • ‘The company strategy is about teamwork and pushing good ideas through the system as quickly as possible, with superior dedication from all divisions within the company.’
    • ‘Indeed, these laws have been pushed through as silently and quickly as possible precisely so as to avoid such a discussion.’
    • ‘Abbott's package was the government's third attempt in a year to push its measures through parliament.’
    • ‘If justice can be done, I have no objections - and provided the defence have got time to prepare a proper defence and the cases are not pushed through too quickly.’
    • ‘But in the years ahead, as the fiscal squeeze tightens, the sense that some politicians took advantage of our trauma to push this measure through will not help our new-found sense of national unity.’
    • ‘In part, school-to-work manifests itself as a desire to push students through universities and colleges quickly, to train rather than educate them.’
    • ‘She's really focussed on looking outwards rather than inward and she's prepared to push innovative measures through the Scottish parliament.’
    • ‘Local authorities are creating problems for themselves in trying to push such ventures through so quickly.’
    • ‘More than 100 of the party's MPs have signed motions criticising the government's plans and he faces a bruising battle to push the measure through the Commons.’