Definition of push on in English:

push on

phrasal verb

  • Continue on a journey.

    ‘the light was already fading, but she pushed on’
    • ‘Pace yourself with a pause at a cafe, in a square or park, before pushing on.’
    • ‘The middle westerner pushes on, endures, and finally finds a place that looks like home.’
    • ‘It would be a lovely journey, so people kept pushing on.’
    • ‘After a week and a half of catching up on sleep and drinking enough wine to prop up the economy, we begin thinking about pushing on to the island of Faial.’
    • ‘They advanced some two to three miles to a roundabout Capt Cosby described as the gates of the city before pushing on.’
    • ‘By now, both were very fatigued, but they both pushed on.’
    • ‘The pair pushed on first to Lion-sur-Mer, then Hermanville-sur-Mer, before they set up their station in Caen.’
    • ‘A short photo stop soon cooled us down, before we pushed on up the hill carrying the weighty bags of tackle and camera gear.’
    • ‘Two gunmen were arrested and, as heavy fire could still be heard ahead, Major Hollister pushed on with just two of his men.’
    • ‘We acclimatise with two nights in Namche before pushing on.’
    continue one's journey, continue on one's way, carry on, advance, press on, progress, make progress, proceed, go on, make headway, gain ground, push forward, forge ahead, go ahead
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