Definition of push in in English:

push in

phrasal verb

  • Go in front of people who are already queuing.

    ‘they scowled at him because they thought he was trying to push in at the head of the queue’
    • ‘I have also witnessed the elderly pushing in the queue for the bus at the interchange, but if children dare do this, they get a mouthful of abuse.’
    • ‘Was it a war against French and Dutch skiers trying to push in front of you in the queues for lifts?’
    • ‘Seething with suppressed fury when someone cuts you up in traffic or pushes in front of you in a shop queue is a sure way to develop a raging headache, says a US researcher.’
    • ‘I myself hate getting on the train and always stand at the back as I watch people get pushed in front of and people darting in-between people.’
    • ‘It seems that while I have been happily queuing, others have been pushing in and sneaking ahead.’
    • ‘She then pushed in front of me in the queue, demanded a discount and got it.’
    • ‘Please, no pushing in the queue, we are all civilised and cultured people, your turn too shall come.’
    • ‘You find yourself rubbing shoulders with some household names and being a little in awe of the whole thing, but by about day three you don't care who you're pushing in front of in the canteen queue.’
    • ‘To start with, I was quite offended by people pushing in front of me as if I didn't exist.’
    • ‘The woman pushed in front of her daughter until she was face to face with Isabelle.’