Definition of push (or press) someone's buttons in English:

push (or press) someone's buttons


  • Arouse or provoke a reaction in someone.

    ‘don't allow co-workers to push your buttons’
    • ‘I remember the great tenderness with which my father taught me initially, but then it was replaced by a harsh regimented style where he started pushing my buttons but that happened later.’
    • ‘No matter what pushes your buttons, one thing is certain: Feeling jealous is totally human.’
    • ‘Avoid pushing his buttons, and ask your parents to get a lock for your door since the thing to do when someone is unreasonably angry is to get out of harm's way.’
    • ‘My wife, rational in most other things, adamantly refused to admit that her beautiful baby son would stoop to pushing her buttons.’
    • ‘So he was pushing your buttons, but you were also pushing his buttons.’
    • ‘Is this woman serious, or just pushing our buttons?’
    • ‘I'm reading it more critically than I did a few years ago, but there's still some great stuff in there that pushes my buttons pretty hard.’
    • ‘Remember, June also knew how to push Ward 's buttons.’
    • ‘The next time somebody tries to push your buttons, remember what Mom said and resist reacting.’
    • ‘Let him tap into your brain, and he will feed off it, and keep right on pushing your buttons.’