Definition of pursuance in English:



mass nounformal
  • 1Engagement in an activity or course of action.

    ‘you have a right to use public areas in the pursuance of your lawful hobby’
    • ‘But the District Judge, sitting at Dewsbury Magistrates Court, told the defendant that his dogged pursuance of the case had wasted a lot of taxpayers' money.’
    • ‘The acts must be acts not authorized by any statute or legal justification, but acts intended to be done in pursuance or execution of some statute or legal power.’
    • ‘He having claimed that right and provided a sample of breath in pursuance thereof, we were required to disregard the evidence of the proportion of alcohol in the appellant's breath provided by the breath-testing device.’
    • ‘India could be a tremendous source of inspiration to the West, if she gave up aping Western nations in the pursuance of their nuclear armament programme.’
    • ‘The multi-variant nature of computations holds important reserves for finding rational methods of employment of forces in operations, given the uncertainty of data on possible conditions of their pursuance.’
    • ‘Death may have been unforeseen but each party to a joint unlawful enterprise is equally liable for the consequences of acts done in pursuance thereof.’
    • ‘Transition to a new mechanism of pursuance of maritime policy should be implemented in several stages.’
    • ‘Cooperation between the Bulgarian and Belgian interior ministries will be in pursuance to a bilateral agreement between the two authorities.’
    • ‘I thought we were paying the police to be enforcers of law and supporters of society, to act in a professional, non-partisan way in the pursuance of their duties.’
    • ‘Given the obtaining situation, one would like to share with young research fellows one's experiences of organization and pursuance of scientific investigations, which their collectives are supposed to tackle.’
    • ‘An amalgamation or transfer of engagements in pursuance of section 50, 51 or 52 of this Act shall not prejudice any right of a creditor of any registered society which is a party thereto.’
    • ‘People must be entitled to act in pursuance of a court order without being at risk that they are thereby acting unlawfully.’
    • ‘(d) a shared ownership lease, whether granted in pursuance of that Part of that Act or otherwise, where the tenant's total share is 100 per cent.’
    • ‘Great credit is due to the team who have given sterling service in the pursuance of this project.’
    • ‘This document is served in pursuance to the provisions of section 5 of the Criminal Procedure Investigations Act 1996.’
    • ‘Detention may then be authorised pending a decision to give such directions and his removal in pursuance to such directions if they are given.’
    • ‘The answer to that argument lies in the opening words of section 14, which show that the section refers to the ‘goods supplied under a contract of sale'. In my opinion that means the goods delivered in purported pursuance of the contract.’
    • ‘I find that the decision is in accordance with the law and is in pursuance of the legitimate aim of immigration control.’
    • ‘It was not in pursuance of any Court Order or other judicial or external authorisation.’
    • ‘This may take the form of either pursuance of a formally sanctioned persecutory scheme, or non-conforming behaviour by official agents which is not subject to a timely and effective rectification by the State.’
    execution, discharge, implementation, performance, carrying out, conducting, conduct, effecting, doing, accomplishment, achievement, completion, fulfilment, dispatch, pursuing, prosecution, enforcement, following
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    1. 1.1 The action of trying to achieve something.
      ‘staff took industrial action in pursuance of a better deal’
      • ‘If your position on issues is not sound, your pursuance of that issue may jeopardise your legitimacy. - John Patrick Sekoe, Buffalo Flats, EL’
      • ‘On stability on the Korean Peninsula, Gong Ro Myung, a former South Korean foreign minister, told the meeting Japan can play a role in the pursuance of stability and eventual reunification of the Korean Peninsula.’
      • ‘The fact that all the acts were performed in pursuance of an antecedent plan, and death ensued from the execution of that plan, appeared to be crucial to the decision of the Privy Council.’
      • ‘The act has to be performed against a group of people not directly involved in the pursuance of that military or political aim.’
      • ‘In pursuance of their goal they went on persistently staging plays, never making any compromises at any cost and never giving in to the temptation of commercial theatre.’
      • ‘It ensures that people who with to visit, sojourn and work in our country do so legally and in pursuance of our national goals.’
      • ‘He said that Zambia was cognisant of the role Chile played in the pursuance of closer political and economic cooperation among countries of the world.’
      • ‘We all know that there are more than 20 militant groups operating in this tiny land of 2 million people called Manipur in pursuance of retrieving the lost sovereignty from the Indian union.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, a deadline set by the Kenya Union of Civil Servants is due to expire on May 13, and 120,000 members are expected to go on strike in pursuance of a 600 percent pay increase.’
      • ‘A preacher may be taken as some obsessed creature in pursuance of his mission but, as one can see, he is also providing life to those he gets acquainted with.’
      • ‘The money granted to NGOs is sacred and is for the pursuance of the well-being of the Afghan people.’
      • ‘Resident doctors at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, in northern Nigeria, began an indefinite strike on July 15, in pursuance of improvements in working conditions.’
      • ‘They are doing that in pursuance of their political agenda.’
      • ‘A strong and dogged pursuance of the case and passage of the Punjab Termination Act, 2004 annulling all previous agreements on river water sharing since 1981 earned him great appreciation of the people of Punjab.’
      • ‘In pursuance of this goal he drew up the Code of Canon Law in 1917 that helped to centralize the Catholic Church while increasing the power of the papacy.’
      • ‘In pursuance of the Government's pledge to boost the Special Forces a total of 334 new members are required.’
      • ‘‘Our members are supporting our call for strike action in pursuance of a realistic pay offer and to secure an agreement on recognition,’ said regional officer John Street.’
      • ‘In pursuance of that concept, the navies of India and other Commonwealth countries were offered reconditioned Second World War warships from Britain's reserve fleet, vessels that were surplus to British requirements.’
      • ‘The strike was called by the Union of Kenya Civil Servants on June 2, in pursuance of a substantial pay increase.’
      • ‘The world of the novel is only a rectification of the world we live in, in pursuance of men's deepest wishes'.’
      seeking of, search for, pursuit of
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